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We Are Artists

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Our culture likes to think binary. We created Computer as a replica of our way of thinking with 0 and 1 being at the core of every sequence that brings life to a machine. One of the ways we like to identify is by saying “I’m a logical person” or “I am an artistic person”.

But there was always something wrong with this distinction in my mind. As a developer I see myself as someone who loves theory and proof. Show me evidences or what you say is pure bullshit. I neglected any woohoo “spiritualism” and look down to the irrational emotional reaction. As time goes this line started to blur in some aspects of my life. Things slowly became less and less black and white and more and more grey.

Finding Simplicity in Travel

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Travelling is something most people can relate to. Having travelled a lot or not, we’ve all dreamed of doing it. Reading books, seeing movies or by surfing on the web. Yet even if we have this desire to do it, some of us still don’t do it. Time, money, obligation like a career or a family.

Why I Suck at Smartphones

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I just ended a whole month without a smartphone. My relationship with cellphones has always been an “it’s complicated” one. I had my first phone at 18, a dumb one until 22 and finally got a smartphone when my coworkers gave me a one out of despair. And even now, with this awesome piece of technology in my pocket I still don’t have an internet plan.

If anyone is proud with the last iPhone, I personally used to show off to the fact that I don’t own a one. I hate smartphones.

Don’t Be Fearless

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Last night, I read “The End of The Night” a book about light pollution from artificial lighting. While reading it I remember a little story from my childhood. My old brother had some friends over for the night and they were watching a horror movie. It was way too scary and I wanted to go to sleep but the corridor was dark. I asked my brother to come with me but he and his friends made fun of me. I ended up with two choices, keep watching the horror movie or go into the dark, full of my imaginary bogeyman.

Step Back

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So it’s saturday night and I’m doing nothing. Like absolutely nothing. At first I was a bit empty. Like nothing is going on tonight come on I’m 23. Ain’t I suppose to have the time of my life for god sake.

Values: Be Brutally Honest

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Write down what you STAND FOR on this planet. Find it, breathe it, live it. If you were to die tomorrow you would know that this body, this life was not in vain as you stood for this purpose through all obstacles. You stood ALL IN on life.

This is part of my manifesto, values that I follow. Somewhere I can go to and refer in case I’m having trouble making decisions.

The first value is: Be Brutally Honest

  1. To me, I’ll be courageous enough to live a life true to myself, not the life others expect of me
  2. To others, I’ll strive for an open communication by listening, understanding only then responding with honesty
  3. In action, I’ll act my words and live my acts