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Jumping on My Bike and Rolling [En]

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Hey guys! As some of you may know this summer I decided to do a roadtrip during 1 month on my bike alone to United Kindgom going as far as i can (without injuring myself of course!)

Actually im leaving my house in few hours but decided to simply make a quick post to share my plans with all my dear fellas ! You might wonder, why am I writing in english today?

Well I really need to improve my english and especially my writing skills. By the way if anybody answer this post and find let’s say… 5 errors in the text, I Philippe TRING swear to take him/her to get a drink ! But I also have a few (but really loved) friends who doesn’t read french. Back to the topic here’s the plan.


  • Departure : 1 august 2014 from Paris.
  • Return date : 31 august 2014 at Paris. (I’ll try not to be late and not to skip first day of school, but can’t promise it mommy !)

My path :

Going from Paris to Dieppe (north of France) then taking the boat. That’s as far as my current roadmap show ! Then taking the boat to Newhaven. When landing, first thing get a roadmap of UK.

Then I actually have 4 ideas in my mind depending on how much time do I have left.

  1. If I have plenty of time, going to Scotland get a sweet 20 years old whisky (Heard it was sweet ! Maybe an alcohol I finally enjoy ?)
  2. If I have soso of time going to Ireland ! Find a leprechaun, take a selfie with him.
  3. If I have a short amount of time going to the New Forest National Park. Camp some days then go back.
  4. Finally, if I have very few days left go to London. Find a crowded place sing/dance and try to get at least 10 dollars !


How are you going to deal with [insert random statement] ?

I believe that we consumme to much energy and time thinking about problem that will never actually happen. When a problem actually happen i’ll face it and let me say There’s no such thing as problems, there’s only solutions. Don’t take this assumption wrong, I actually did prepare a bit before I get on my bike and go, but sometimes overthinking just kill me. Let’s go out of my comfort zone and see what happen ! Even if i’m a bit afraid (Probably why I can’t sleep even if it’s very late !)

What are you going to do when you are not biking ?

This year i started taking ninjutsu class (Martial Art, I know kinda cliche for an asian to do martial art AND be in CS ! Huehue). So every morning i’m going to take 1-2 hours to stretch (things that i already do every morning but only 15 min, one day i’ll post a picture of me doing a split !) but also doing the Goshin tai so as my master taught me !
Then finding a shop to buy food, finding a good spot to put my hamac for the coming night. Look at some gorgeous view (Hopefully !) and finally LIVE right here right now ! (Into the wild style !)

Ok, that’s it for now, almost 3 am in the morning didn’t plan to stay that late when i started this post ! But the good thing is I am the one who decide when the train is leaving tomorrow huehue. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul – Invictus.

If you have any questions, comments and remember if anybody answer this post and find 5 errors in the text, I Philippe TRING swear to take him/her to get a drink !

Bonus : The full list of what i’m bringing with me during my trip. Peace !