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Dear Friends

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Today is Sunday and every Sunday for several weeks I kept telling myself to answer Brett, my pen pal from Utah. It’s funny how a simple encounter can change you.

Long story short

Back in 2014, I was taking the train to the airport. When this lovely couple asks me for direction. Lisa was a florist and Brett own a company. They were in a road trip around Europe. Lisa ended up telling me about signification behind flowers and colors (Which turned out to be fascinating even if I can’t remember all of it). 20 minutes later I ended up with Brett’s contact after mentally shaking to ask him.

Back from India I emailed him and we started exchanging.

Over the time he kind of became sort of a guru to me. One who enlighten me. On things that were unknown, opening my mind but also supporting me during hard times. Having someone older and wiser you can speak about freely without judging and having a more… Experimented and different vision would be an advice I’d give anyone.

At school I’m working on a project called Link. We hope to connect children around the word and make pen palling (Not sure if that word exists but too lazy to check) the new cool. Sharing about their cultures, their beliefs. The idea was mainly inspired from the relationship I’m lucky we have build with Brett.

Few things have learned out of that

If you want something you’ll have to make the first move.

I was hesitating when asking for Brett contact and I’m so glad I did. I guess for the most of us there’s a predefine life waiting for us (If we are born in a country with easy access to internet). Having a regular 9-5 job that we spend looking at the clock to be at 5 instead of loving most part of it. Ending the day on video game or in a couch in front of the TV using that money we gain to buy more stuff. Or for the most wellborn of us having a heritance.

If we are fine with that… Default. I guess we can just go with what come towards us. But if we dare for something else we’ll have to be proactive about it.

When I search for a pattern in my friends (Only a developer looks for pattern in his friends!). The only thing I can see is that they all are optimistic about their life and future. Last months lots of them had suffered lost, financial debt, breakups, disease but seeing only the best through.

My surroundings define me.

Es verdad ! They all push me to be a better me everyday, following their paths.


The picture is Lisa and Brett