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OPAD: How to Remember Anyone Name?

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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day”. Where I have to solve a problem I have through my day. Today: How to remember people?

Today I had to lend Getting Things Done the book to a classmate boyfriend. But I forgot the name and had to say “Hey give that to your honey”. Well I’m almost 23 and have already a hard time remembering people name, im getting old… That’s why today I created a system ! It’s called… Badaboum… Drum sound… Well, I don’t know the name of it yet. Any suggestion?

The system

Everytime i’ll meet a new person can be anyone, the guy from the supermarket to the neighbour. i’m going to put it on my evernote note called “People Reminder”. Just the name and few details that might or might not be relevant. Simple, clean, not sophisticate… Like me ! (except the clean part)

I do hope that this will pay in the long run. And even if it doesn’t it’s worth the try. Obviously most of the people on this list. I’ll never meet again but it will be so powerfull when socializing and the weirdo I am need to compensate somewhere.


Picture is a guy this summer who was running instead of walking on camino de santiago. I run with him during a day when it was raining like never before. It was awesome but I ended in a hospital the next day ! I can’t match a name with his face…