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OPAD: How to Face Depression?

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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day” where I have to solve a problem each day. Today: How to face depression ?

Heck I didn’t feel like starting this month challenge. I had the most unproductive week end ever, watched my computer all week and slept. Think I had this unproductive 2 days because I didn’t wanted to face my life problem ! It was so much easier to lay on my bed all day instead of deciding what I want to do with my life. Take this job opportunity with lot of skills I can learn or discover the world. Just the thought of it already give me a headache.

So what can I do when I feel like shit? The answer came while watching One Piece with my little sister. A giant named Saul have an awkward laugh “Deshishishi” and he teach a little girl to smile even when life is apparently bad. So here I was in front of my mirror with my one minute timer set, laughing at myself, trying to replicate him. Which ended being hilarious !


The picture is from Bilbao in Spain after 5 days of hiking through Camino de Santiago.