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How to Be Happy?

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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day”. Where I have to solve a problem I have through my day. Today: How to be happy?

Ok, how should I start that hard question it might seem too optimist to answer this question for everyone so I’ll try to solve it for me. What’s happiness? Is it me watching a youtube video, eating awesome food, laughing hard with my friend, having sex, being rich? All that is pleasure for sure and does bring happiness for a short instant but in the long term wont bring sustainable source of happiness. What’s the common denominator for all of these things? They come from outer world instead of my inner self. Does eating more or that will make me forever happy? Having multiple partner for intercourse, a higher salary, all those numbers. I heard Bhutan is calculating happiness grow in their country. I wonder how they do that.

In the old time when math doesn’t exists life must be so much different. We are now numbers everywhere. Of like, share, salary… So if I follow the hypothesis that happiness come from inside and not outside. How can it be ?

How can I speak about happiness without speaking about sadness? One doesn’t exists without the other.

If happiness cannot exists without sadness then two solutions come to my mind.

  1. I can only be happy if someone else is sad ?

  2. I can only be happy for a determined amount of time until sadness come back to me.

I don’t like the first option because I hope everybody can be happy (shameless way to put it out of the way haha).

If happiness and sadness are both natural state. It make me realize that being happy is already a possibility in me. If that’s the case how can I be more happy than sad and more importantly recover from sadness to be back to a happy state? Well I have no clue but right now I want to go to the dojo and practice martial art.


Picture is from Etretat in the morning. Funny that i’m searching for complex reason about happiness when maybe sustainable happiness is achievable simply by bringing attention to one’s breath.