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How to Make the Most Out of School?

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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day”. Where I have to solve a problem I have through my day. Today: How to make the most out of school?

Guess I’ve done nothing at school today, I procrastinate taking everything in my reach to don’t work. So what can I do to make the most of this time I have to spend here?

Start a business on the side. To create wealth or value as passive income, visibility, sharpens skill that will matter lately. But knowing that everything can be learn. Choosing the right field to invest my time on is blocking me: paradox of choice, having too much abundance make me stuck. Pick something whatever and do something.

Does everything I learn need to be useful thought? I know not but I can’t stop blaming myself not being “productive”. Yesterday I spoke about happiness and how the Bhutan check for growth in happiness. With mathematics started the era of numbers when older people use to have different metrics. Without number, productivity, marks and other metrics life must have been so different. We want proof that it works before starting anything nowadays (This apply so much to me, HOLY MOLLY !)

But I’m going off topic here, back to school. (I actually smiled when writing this haha). Skills and career out. I think school is before everything else the best time to connect to people, thing that I don’t do enough. Proof, I’m here typing on a keyboard talking to nobody but myself while I could be exchanging with people made of blood and heart next to me.

Maybe I focus way too much on myself. Maybe I should change the challenge from “fix one problem I have during my day” to “help someone fix his problem”? But who am I to help someone. People didn’t ask for anything. But I do ask myself for help right here.

Another thing is that I focus too much on the future me. I should relax… No I’ll relax. There is no rush for me to start traveling I want everything and right now. Why the rush? Put your belt and enjoy your journey through school. I know lot of people miss that time after it’s over.

Lastly to make the most out of school I shouldn’t focus on the reward (the degree). But on what I’m learning. And what do I learn here? The degree do not mean I made it, right? Take the number to change, how many of us will have no suitable jobs? What I learn at school is simply to learn for the rest of my life.

Philippe, student of life hopefully I’ll never drop out.


Picture is the school from the village I used to live back in Bangladesh