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How to Invent Problems

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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day”. Where I have to solve a problem I have through my day. Today: How to invent problem?

How am I suppose to find a solution to nothing. My problem of the day is that I had no problem. (huhu)

Think that’s a good reminder that people who looks for trouble can always find some. But honestly today have been great. Had a yoga session at Lululemon (This company is great) and it was free ! Then I walked back home exploring streets of Paris I’ve never seen before. Family launch, few videos, few mails and some paper I had to fill. Then at night I run almost an hour to see an old friend of mine back from London. Played some board game like a child and met a lot of interesting people.

Basically i’ve learn a lot today ! Will I remember that day as a great day? Maybe if I read this article one day who knows


Picture was taken near New Haven in UK while waiting for the boat. I can still remember the wild blackberry taste I had miam !