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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day”. Where I have to solve a problem I have through my day. Today: On happiness? part 2

Had no problem today so i’ll just continue on my questioning on happiness. Last time I said happiness is already in me. Maybe all I need to do is let it express itself? My mum gave me a mini handy book about buddhism few weeks ago. After my research it seems that we need to drop everything or at least this is the goal as a buddhist. (I might miss interpret i’m far from an theologist on buddhism).

But looking to have no attachment material and/or emotional we can’t loose right? We can’t be sad because we already have nothing? But a life with no attachment is it really a life?

That’s one of the thing that do scare me. Since I live on nothing today (I’m talking about money / cost of life) it’s easy to go on adventure with nothing. But will I have the courage to drop my comfy flat once I get use to it? I read a experiment in “Stumbling on Happiness”. People were offered 60k first year then 50k then 40k OR 30k then 40k then 50k. People always choose the second option regardless of the obvious gain in money to take the first choice.

That’s probably also related to the fact that we want to see progress in our lives and can’t stand to be demolish in a way or another.

But at the same time if I decide to attache myself to nothing and nobody I’ll get jealous about other people possession, I want the last iPhone too ! So I need to neglect other people but it’s so human to compare me / my possession with other people. Think people who reach that state, being egoless non toxic and self confident must have something else. A belief that what they do is right. and since i’m not sure my way is the right way i’m stuck.

What I need to work on to let my happiness blossom is my believe, not in god but what do I believe my values are. So instead of comparing myself with other I’ll be able to compare myself with my values. I have few ideas for my values. But had never took the time to write about it properly.

I like the way this challenge make me wonder about life. Really, don’t know if what I say is accurate or even make sense but… Yeah whatever.


Picture is a dog name Tao I had the opportunity to be licked by him at the hitchgathering this year.