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Why Do I Breath?

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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day”. Where I have to solve a problem I have through my day. Today: Values one: Why do I breath?

I can’t wait to start this article. I am so excited to start writing about it. I was literally in the transport with no paper left and tons of ideas were flowing through me. Think i’m also half wasted which hasn’t happen for years. Just to warn you when i’m drunk I tend to tell everybody I love that I do love them (my little sister and mother just had me hugging them for quite a while… With all my after sport session odor of course).

Before start I need to share 2 things… No 3 things. I had training (that’s one), got myself beat a few times as usual much respect to all my sparing partners and it was incredible. Two we had a few drink but more important a lot of laugh (I couldn’t stop smiling during my one hour of commute back home). Three.. I forgot 3 might come back might not.

That being said after all my previous speech on happiness I think I have a pretty good answer to what’s happiness to me. It’s building long lasting relationship with people I do care about. Let them teach me a lot of thing and do my best to have a positive impact on them. It’s making them smile and share no… SHARE moment with them. Lately i’m pretty introverted. I tend to focus on myself, “be a better version of me”. But for who? For me. And that’s obviously not working. My mood and attitude got lower. I’m the best me only when i’m with those people who move me. Those people I hate but also love.

Some of them are ALWAYS ******** late, some are messy as crazy. But I still love being with them. And so happy to see them when the last time have seen them was only 2 weeks ago. Hope they will recognize themselves !

I do remember number three !! Happiness, I was so happy commuting back home, I took a bicycle at the last km. And I haven’t feel that great biking since… Going on my Paris to London on a bike trip. I was aware of the wind, my legs and foot pushing the bike, I was here not going from point A to B just here, living the moment. I am so use to forget about my journey, only focussing on my destination that I’m always skipping the now. Which is as important as the moment I arrive at the point B.

So what’s my first value? What is the first thing I want to stand for in my life? Grow as an independent being and help people I care about grow. My memory will disappear soon enough after my last breath, my money won’t serve me anymore, my stuff won’t last forever but if I did exist for those few people I’ll be done here. I might not change the world but I do hope I’ll change their world.


Talking about stuff, one of the fine lady at the dojo make me realize how much have changed since she knows me (2 years ago). I was a stuff oriented guy, always with a new dress. Now I only have 2 pants and 3 t-shirts, is it good? Probably not for everybody but for me at this moment it is. And that’s what matter, living on my belief. Picture is me 2 years ago