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Face Writing Block

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This article is a part of my 30 days challenge “One Problem A Day”. Where I have to solve a problem I have through my day. Today: How to face writing block?

I missed yesterday OPAB. Usually when I miss something. I stop, instead of being persistant. That’s funny because the day before I was super in the flow for writing. I don’t know how it feel from the exterior but creating everyday is crazily hard. You have to always push yourself and deny every good excuse that come your way (being tired, don’t having the time).

And one of my block was that I was only doing all my challenges for myself. So if I don’t write who cares really? Nobody knew. But now with the blog every one might.

So how can I prevent failling? I can’t it will eventually happen. But I can at least minimize the amount of energy it takes me to start writing.

It mean 2 things for now. Always having a pen and some paper (I want to buy a “moleskine” really badly haha). And having my computer ready to write every time.


Picture is from a beach in Montpellier. That is creativity !