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2015 Reflection

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2015 is almost over and I had some great epiphany during this year. I like to take some time to reflect every 3-6 month with myself, MY LIFE (and not other people vision on life). Check what have done lately, I’m I doing the things that I must do instead of what I should do? The Importance of Doing What You Love by Elle Luna

So I opened up my calendar to see what were my appointments

  • The product I’m developing at plezi got release, after one year of work. I can’t help but feeling proud about it
  • I asked for a raise. Sometimes you just have to have the gut to ask
  • I said yes to a spontaneous road trip, which end up leading to Etretat and sleeping on a hill. Everyone has things to do, but I feel like life will only get more busier
  • I accomplish my first year of shiatsu and expanded my perception on eastern medicine.
  • I tried to fast during 7 days. Experience: Do Not Eat For A Week
  • I walked Camino de Santiago, also got there by hitchhiking from Paris
  • I deepen my relationship with my friends and I’m happy to call 3 person on this universe that way. They make me a little more courageous and compassionate. Thank you

It’s also the year have been reading the most. It’s funny how my reading have been following my grow during the year. All of this did not happen in a single day, and it’s awesome seeing who I was a year before and who I am today.

That’s the light side, and it’s fairly easy to brag about it. But on the dark side I can’t count how many things didn’t work this year. But the question I should ask myself is do I like my life? If not remove what makes me unhappy. Because it only takes one success to make all those experiences worth

That was a lot of I. Your turn:

  • Reflect on your last year and celebrate achievements then share them with whoever you want
  • Ask yourself what makes you unhappy and remove it this year

Ps: I just wrote a now page which list what i’m up to. Where is my focus, check it out.


Picture is from the most beautiful city on earth, Paris ! Near les quais de la Seine