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Vision and Goal at Lululemon

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Two days ago I had the opportunity to attempt the vision and goals workshop at Lululemon.

Vision and goal

Basically, you get to hangout with a lot of people who want to be a better version of themselves, you get some time to discover what’s important to you, all that in 2 hours ! They provide a set of exercices to make:

  • You write the 8 first values that come to your mind that define you.
  • Mark them from a scale to 0 to 10 to see how driven by them you are and where you need to refocus.
  • List all the things you want and the things you don’t want in your life.
  • Visualize a day in 10 years from now with a guided meditation (which i really liked)
  • Set career, health and personal goal
  • Set goals in 10, 5 and 1 year from now

So the first part vision is to make you visualize what you want while the second part are the triggers of your imagination !

So overall it was great. Even though I find it difficult speaking in front of so many people (I love speaking one on one but group dynamics is really something I need to work on). I would have preferred to be grouped as pair. Which would had create personal connexion between people and more involved. (It’s also easier to confess dreams to one that to a whole assembly)

To find out more check the Lululemon blog

What happened to me

I had one big epiphany during the visualization. So here I was trying to visualize the 10 year older me. At first I saw… NOTHING… But then they ask us the question “How do you feel in that 10 years from now day?”. My first answer was of course: Happy. Then as my eyes were close I changed the feeling from happy to peaceful.

Peaceful to me is the ability to keep calm and serene as the flow of moments pass. Being able to remain like water, embracing what happen and evolve to a form while still being water. Like the water shape to adapt to his context. Be me in every context or something like this (I admit it is kind of a weird concept)

So I want to be peaceful in 10 years from now. But as I was thinking about this something else came up, something BIG. Peace is already in me, somewhere. It won’t come from outside like having a house, money, traveling, clothes, friend, spouse. But from inside. All I need is making it blossom more and more until it became the default state. Don’t get me wrong those things are still nice to have but they are not mandatory to happiness and inne peace.

So what action will I do to progress toward inner peace?

The 10 year vision is still cloudy or i’m too afraid to face it. All I can imagine is being a martial art teacher and help people having a better health.

My 1 year goal are pretty easy to see. I’ll be feeling the world on my bike and make a 60 seconds handstand in a year.

All that being said, existentialism is a dangerous thing, I need to find a balance in my thinking and action taking. Back to work, spanish podcast and handstand training time !

PS: That was not a sponsored post, I just love Lululemon’s culture


Picture is from another Lululemon event running near les quais de seine in Paris