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Step Back

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So it’s saturday night and I’m doing nothing. Like absolutely nothing. At first I was a bit empty. Like nothing is going on tonight come on I’m 23. Ain’t I suppose to have the time of my life for god sake.

step back

It’s like a painting, if I watch it closely i’ll only see a bunch of color or maybe even a single color. But if I step back I can see the whole beauty of it.

So when the time come and I feel like i’m not having the time of my life. Step back and see the whole painting. On my day, my life, i’m having it. The time of my life. This moment, everything that did and do happen is awesome.

So now instead of stepping back from a painting what if I step back from me?

Because the beautiful painting I want to see is actually nobody else than me. I remember this week being upset because I was going to get in the train. When the guy just ahead of me was stepping in. He then stop moving instead of going further so people can go inside too (Please tell me that annoy you too !)

But that’s trying to change someone I have no direct control over. I’m trying to change something outside. But reflecting back the guy who was actually following me into the train got in the same situation as I because I was also stopping once i’m in the train.

Step back and see myself as a third person because at the end that’s the thing I can change the most.

Now that I have step back I can judge myself according to my own belief. Would I try to be friend with myself? Would I like the painting i’m seeing (me in case you haven’t follow).

Once I find myself. The self I believe is good then maybe… Just maybe… I will be able to change mankind to… Kind man


Picture is a wall painting took at Bilbao in Spain. Imaging you zooming in the front of the shoe only. Way less beautiful, right?