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Why I Suck at Smartphones

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I just ended a whole month without a smartphone. My relationship with cellphones has always been an “it’s complicated” one. I had my first phone at 18, a dumb one until 22 and finally got a smartphone when my coworkers gave me a one out of despair. And even now, with this awesome piece of technology in my pocket I still don’t have an internet plan.

If anyone is proud with the last iPhone, I personally used to show off to the fact that I don’t own a one. I hate smartphones.

While traveling I realize a paradox. People in big cities tend to attach much more importance to their connecting device than people who live in more secluded area. Also long term travelers spend time sightseeing while short-term traveler capture moments. The correlation between smartphone use and time/distance is just wrong ! Smartphone is just a layer on the real world.

We can’t always blame it on smartphones. It’s the tendency I have to watch it’s screen rather than my friend’s eyes when I’m at a dinner. It’s pretty hard nowadays to just be alone, I am so uncomfortable with myself. I wasn’t able few years ago to just shut everything and speak with myself. No earphone, no computer, no smartphone, no screen, me and me alone. Reflecting internally, and taking the time to ask big questions.

At the end. It’s not about denying smartphones. It’s about consciousness and mindfulness. When I sit on a table with or without a device I can still be a million miles away in my head OR be present and here with the people around me. I also can’t deny how many opportunities of bounding to people all over the world smartphone open.

Smartphone I love you, it’s just my self-control that I hate.

Ps: Freshly quoted from one of my emails today, “Tonight, I have my phone backkkkk!”


Picture is from UK. I think it was near Brighton