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Finding Simplicity in Travel

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Travelling is something most people can relate to. Having travelled a lot or not, we’ve all dreamed of doing it. Reading books, seeing movies or by surfing on the web. Yet even if we have this desire to do it, some of us still don’t do it. Time, money, obligation like a career or a family.

It’s not so much about having the time than to take the time to do it. Not about having enough money than to simplifying the way I use the money I have. So instead of being the victim, taking responsibility and ownership towards what I want.

The notion of physical need being more important than personal action is what leads me to believe travelling is something I could never afford. Or to buy things to save the planet when not buying would be the best choice.

But most of the time, I put barriers to myself. I complicate what’s travelling. When at its core travelling is an act of simplicity.

Dropping what I think I have

When I think about it, what it cost me to go and travel. I see downsizing my belongings down to a backpack. Reducing my usual relationships to a number of zero. Getting out of my consumption impulsion, because I can’t afford the weight of each new possessions. Finally giving up on time restriction that I usually have, my routines, and obligations.

Exploring thyself

This simplicity while travelling especially the time I now have. Allow me to ponder, take a moment to see where I am, who I am, and who I want to become. Mapping a plan, knowing myself. Because through all the questions I ask strangers while travelling, it’s not them I question but my very own self.

It’s not their culture and their belief I’m confronting but mine.

Doing nothing

Taking the time to do nothing is something I don’t do in my everyday life. And when having a holiday, it’s easy to surrender to the urge of checking boxes by visiting many places instead of taking this time to relax in the moment.

Going back to simple way of using my time instead of playing against it.

Walking, being grateful for the food (that one I need to be reminded more than anything else), having no urge to see places, speaking with people with no other goal than chatting, taking the time to greet and smile, reading, creating, running, or even take naps.

Going back home

Finally, when going back home after travelling, I can’t help feeling excited to see again my people making me even more aware of the luck I have to spend time with them.

But also reducing my everyday consumption need when at home, knowing that life is simple. It’s I that make it complicated by creating needs that I don’t have. Saving money, possessions, and time. Just like when I travel.

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Picture is from “This Is The Place”, where in July 24, 1847. The pioneers arrived in the desert of Salt Lake and declared, “This is the place, drive on.” and they started building what is today known as Salt Lake City