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We Are Artists

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Our culture likes to think binary. We created Computer as a replica of our way of thinking with 0 and 1 being at the core of every sequence that brings life to a machine. One of the ways we like to identify is by saying “I’m a logical person” or “I am an artistic person”.

But there was always something wrong with this distinction in my mind. As a developer I see myself as someone who loves theory and proof. Show me evidences or what you say is pure bullshit. I neglected any woohoo “spiritualism” and look down to the irrational emotional reaction. As time goes this line started to blur in some aspects of my life. Things slowly became less and less black and white and more and more grey.

In martial arts I first come in as someone who wanted results. Either a strike worked or didn’t, a workout made me sweat and strong or was pointless. But now I love to train pointless move, flip, cartwheel, high kick, articulations and traditional form. I see grace and play through them, they are not black and white but full of colours while I change the ways I play with each material. What happens if I balance my weight from the left side to the right side? What my structure looks like? Is it unconformable? Can I make it conformable? No wonder some people go by the name martial artists.

As developers we dive deep into the unknown (code) to make sense of what was illogical making assumptions and theory about the “why” it is that way. We create theory and explore, then we imagine solutions and start creating. Shaping what was in our heads to make it “real”.

Can you see the story repeating itself as a painter? We see a landscape and interpret it in a way. We find out why and beauty in this view. But this interpretation is a unique assumption as each eye don’t focus on the same thing. We then reshape what we think we see and start painting, creating this unique piece. Making it “real”

We find ourselves so different from each other but we forget to see what makes us so much the same, instead of building connections we focus on differences. “I am X”, “you are Y” and forget the most important part of the sentence “we are Z”.

We are artists, we develop, grow, learn and flourish. We have something unique (perhaps several unique things over the course of our short life) to express, each of us in our fields. This field is the process of becoming oneself, our highest contribution, of becoming an artist.


Picture was taken in Fontainebleau during a Movnat session hold by Mouvement Naturel Paris. Not sure if I’m being artistic there, but definitely I’m a monkey 😂