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Pretends to understand life


These are just a few of the things, in no particular order, that I hope to cross off over the next few years. This list will never end, I’ll be adding more or modifying the list as I go. Have a suggestion?

  1. Be fluent in spanish
  2. Roadtrip to South America
  3. Launch Spread The Hapiness Project
  4. Mud day
  5. Sleep in the desert Completed.
  6. Roadtrip with a bike Completed From France to UK. see Jumping on my Bike and Rolling Post.
  7. Do a handstand.
  8. Do the split
  9. Witness something truly majestic
  10. Be part of an humanitarian project Completed.
  11. Help a complete stranger for the good
  12. Jump into the “Devil’s Pool” on the edge of the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls.
  13. Work as a cooker for a month or a year !
  14. Have 1 million in my bank account
  15. Give 1 million away
  16. Do a marathon
  17. Attempt a sunrise from Gokyo Ri, Himalaya.
  18. Assist Boston Celtics plays at the Garden !
  19. Sing for someone Completed.
  20. Dance for someone Completed.
  21. Get my degree
  22. Live as a minimalist for a year at least Completed see Minimalism Post..
  23. Talk on a stage, make a dev conference. Completed see Egoless Programming Post.
  24. Scuba diving.
  25. Skydive.
  26. Walk on hot coal.
  27. Swim in the Dead Sea.
  28. Get my black belt in Ninjutsu.
  29. Be able to play 3 full song on the guitar.
  30. Master 5 good dishes.
  31. Backflip
  32. Visit Confucius grave
  33. Learn 3 cool magic tricks
  34. Go to Finland, go into frozen water then into jacuzzi
  35. Launch Bonjour Toi
  36. Learn traditional medicine (Shiatsu) Completed even if i’m still learning.
  37. Own an Island with my closest and build a community (Our own little world !)
  38. Contribute to an open source project (Style fix doesn’t count)
  39. Hitchike for a vacation Completed see Comment voyager 1 mois pour 150 euros.
  40. Take the time to admire the star on a REAL night (no artifical light polluting the view)

Have you find joy in your life ? Has my life brought joy to others ?