Philippe Tring
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Professional Career

Ruby Developer

Plezi Marketing Automation Software

- Custom tracking system like google analytics to study customer's behaviours.
- Created an algorithm that send the best content based on customer's interests. Mongoid, Ruby On Rails
- Changed organization development workflow habits to add Pull Reviews, QA test

Php Developer

ChicTypes e-commerce platform

Made the sales process 2 days faster on average. Improved Prestashop buying process to match ChicTypes custom workflow. Tracking shipping/return status from carriers (using SOAP or REST API) to the intern CRM/customers interfaces, with SMS and email notifications

Php Developer

Giving Corner leverage employee motivation by social acts

Maintenance and development on the existing codebase Drupal 7 (New modules, integration).


Gobelins, l'école de l'image

Multimedia Conception & Development
Paris, France

- Crafted an alarm clock by reusing an old fashioned telephone on Arduino
- iOS application to renew correspondence between children all around the world > video


Software architect, Application developer
Paris, France

- Recoded the existing functions of the C library > article

Université Paris XIII

DUT Multimedia and Internet
Université Paris XIII, France

- Video game programming with Java
- Augmented Reality Mobile app for children > video

Programming Skills

Software engineering & web development

   Ruby & Ruby On Rails

   HTML/CSS3 & Javascript & JQuery & Backbone & Git

   Objective-C, PHP, C, Java


   French, English, Teochew Dialect

Personal Initiatives

Asiembo - Vice President

Université Paris XIII, France

ASIEMBO is an organization that specializes in building projects to help local populations in developing countries >


Blogging, Reading, Martial Arts (Ninjutsu), Traditional Medecine (Shiatsu, 1st dan), Traveling (Biked 1,200 km from Paris to London; Hitchhiked from Paris to Spain; Built 4 pits to grant access to drinkable water in a village in South East Bangladesh). I also watch Youtube sometimes